Dave Post

Professional Surf Coach

"It was a natural transition going from Professional Surfer, to coaching the future

of surfing." -Coach Post  

With 10+ years of coaching experience including Volcoms west coast competitive team to currently working with over 30 private clients and as the Corona Del Mar high school coach, Dave has established himself as one of the most sought after developmental coaches in America.-  


"It's about shortening the learning curves, through personalized training programs." - Coach Post

As a Developmental Coach, he has clients of all ages, from beginner to professional level. Dave's coaching programs are equally suited to advancing competitive surfing, as well as free surfing. 

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One On One Coaching

Get private coaching from Dave.  This includes an hour and a half session, followed up with an edited, top 5 video clips of your surf session.

Group Coaching

Meet up with Dave in groups of 2-4.  He will coach kids about current conditions, the best techniques.  Followed up with your top 5 clips from the session.

Zoom Session

Meet with Dave for a 30 minute Zoom session.  Go over the entire footage from your last session, as well as compare your technique to professional surfers whose style you want to emulate


4 private sessions @ $550 - 15% Savings

Groups of two or more:  four max @ $275 - 15% Savings

Jet Ski Package

Block out 4 hours of your day to take advantage of all the jet ski has to offer.  Guaranteed fun and tons of waves in empty surf.  2 people maximum per group.



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