Spending most of his competitive years on the WQS world tour, Dave later found focusing on his aerial game and creative surfing while traveling the world to be most rewarding.  Being with the Volcom family his entire Professional career, mentors like Richard Woolcott, Troy Eckert, and Brad Dougherty, help to shape not only his surf career, but his determination and work ethic. 


" I love working with kids, so starting a family was a natural transition from being a professional surfer, to now coaching and guiding the future of surfing."  


On his off time, Dave enjoys surfing and skating with his two children and is an avid yoga enthusiast.  

  • First responder, CPR, Concussion protocol certified.

  • 15 years of coaching experience

  • Volcom west coast team coach 2007-2014

  • 10 years professional surfer 

  • Holistic lifestyle coach

  • 3 years practicing Wim hoff breathing technique

  • 10 years of yoga practice

  • Corona Del Mar High School Surf Coach 2014-present

  • Jacks surf shop  team manager 2007-present

  • 300 hours of tow surf experience 

  • Insured Surf Instructor


Career Achievements 

'93 1st place NSSA Open Mens DV

'97 1st place MCD K38 Pro AM

'98 1st place Arnette Expression Session 

'98 3rd place Snowboard Surf H2O Winter Classic

'00 3rd place Surfing Magazine Air Show Series

'00 1st place 54th street NB Airshow